Hello, I'm Alan.

Things are quite different at the moment.

I'm using this page to "bookmark" things I am finding useful and also link to things I use (with referrals where I have them) in case they are useful to others. As a radiologist, the things I find interesting may not tickle your fancy.

Radiology (Non-COVID-19)

Resources to fill in the COVID-19-induced training chasms etc.

Radiology COVID-19 Specifics

Medical Refreshers

Basics for redeployment - no-one wants an un-refreshed radiologist at the end of the bed. Also some COVID-19 specifics.

ITU Learning Resources

In case I end up being re-deployed to intensive care, I am snuffling out some good resources.


  • This page is built with Skeleton (read: this is a direct rip of Skeleton!).
  • My hosting is on Krystal - you can use my referral code ALAN and we both get a fiver.
  • I buy my domains from PorkBun.
  • The Emma finances app is quite useful to keep track of (lack of) cash.
  • MEGA is quite good for hosting files.

Home and Life Things

  • I eat/drink/consuuume Huel. I find it handy and tasty. Not for everyone.
  • My energy provider is Bulb. They seem decent value, are quite green and have a very easy website.
  • My mobile network is GiffGaff. Decent enough
  • Money, money, money... MONEY. TopCashback, Airtime Rewards (ref code CC3LRL6T), QuidCo and BOOM25 are all nice to save some pennies.
  • I save with Wealthify.
  • Now, I'm unsure about sharing this. But here goes - I use Thriva (who now also offer a COVID-19 antibody assay but I'm yet to be convinced as to its sensitivity/specificity/ethical acceptability) as I find it intersting to track my cholesterol etc (read: I am overweight and Scottish). BUT I am also a doctor and (hopefully) slightly informed. Please do not use this kind of service if you do not plan to discuss anything abnormal with your GP, will get very upset or obsessed etc etc. It is also a private company which indirectly may increase the use of NHS resources without patient benefit overall... Which I have my own opinions on. So, yah, I am conflicted.