Hello, I'm Alan.

Things are quite different at the moment.

I'm using this page to "bookmark" things I am finding useful and also link to things I use (with referrals where I have them) in case they are useful to others. As a radiologist, the things I find interesting may not tickle your fancy.

Radiology (Non-COVID-19)

Resources to fill in the COVID-19-induced training chasms etc.

Radiology COVID-19 Specifics

Medical Refreshers

Basics for redeployment - no-one wants an un-refreshed radiologist at the end of the bed. Also some COVID-19 specifics.

ITU Learning Resources

In case I end up being re-deployed to intensive care, I am snuffling out some good resources.


  • This page is built with Skeleton (read: this is a direct rip of Skeleton!).
  • My hosting is on Krystal - you can use my referral code ALAN and we both get a fiver.
  • I buy my domains from PorkBun.
  • The Emma finances app is quite useful to keep track of (lack of) cash.
  • MEGA is quite good for hosting files.

Home and Life Things

  • I eat/drink/consuuume Huel. I find it handy and tasty. Not for everyone.
  • I manage my health with Second Nature.
  • My energy provider is Octopus. They seem decent value, are quite green and have a very easy website.
  • My mobile network is GiffGaff. Decent enough
  • Money, money, money... MONEY. TopCashback, Airtime Rewards (ref code CC3LRL6T), QuidCo and BOOM25 are all nice to save some pennies.
  • I use Amex for cashback and offers (e.g. they previously had £5 off many purchases from small businesses).
  • I save with Wealthify. But as it invests in funds/equities, you can lose money.
  • I'm experimenting with the Celsius Network cryptocurrency interest-earning wallet - you can get a $20 bonus with this referral link. But be warned, by its nature is high risk of losing everything!
  • I use Thriva to track certain bloods. But I'm a doctor. This may not be appropriate for you. For example, you must see your GP if abnormal results. Proceed with care.